Superior Snowmobile Club Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Fair
  • Last Groomed: February 07th, 2017
  • Base: 30"
  • Past 24hr: 10"
  • Reported On: March 08th, 2017 @ 7:45pm

Groomer Report

03-08-17 This is a BIGGER WOW-what a difference 1 day can make. Twin lakes groomers did their grooming last night. At midnight the high winds began & the snow started. by 2:30 AM our power went out.  Our power was restored by 1PM. Our thanks to all the power co. linesmen working out in the horrendous snowing & blowing.  I am writing this at 7:40PM.  It has not stopped blowing & snowing all day. Most of the day being in white out conditions, me not being able to see the cabin next to us.  Every lodging facility close to Twin Lakes is filled. Looks like we have the luxury of another very busy week-end. Winds are supposed to die down tomorrow AM.  Hard to know how much snow with the blowing but for tonight I’ll guess 10-14 inches.  We’ll see in the morning what the local National Weather set up measures. And hope that we keep our power.

03-07-17 Wow what a difference 3 days can make. Since my report on the 4th, warmer temps for 2 days.  In this area we did escape any rain but from the warmer temps and now turning colder, the surface is ice. Hoping groomer will go out this PM instead of waiting until tonight to break up that surface.  Meanwhile if prediction of more snow happens, it just might make another very nice week-end for snowmobiling so only time will tell.

03-04-17 The last few days have given us perfect weather and conditions for snowmobiling in this area.  The riders are coming in saying “this is the best riding we’ve had all year.  The trails are absolute perfection around here.  The last few days have given us blue sky sunshine days and yet we have had very cold temps.  3 Grooming machines out of Twin Lakes & Greenland all had problems at the same time (one very serious, difficult to repair and timely).  Several of our fellas tackled one problem after another and by last evening all were up & running again.  Thanks so very much to the dedicated volunteer repair men. Meanwhile everyone is ooing and ahhing over the excellent conditions and it is such a pleasure to hear the positive. I’m thinking that many that listened to the incorrect weather predicts and cancelled reservations are not too happy right now.  We have quite an amount of snow left around our grooming area so even with a little warmer temps and maybe even minimal rain and then bouncing back to cold temps again, we’ll be just fine.  Only time will tell and we expect to get ALOT of phone calls again for reports on conditions.

The measuring stick out by Kruppy is not correct. All of the white out blizzard days, snow was horizontal so blew past and on down the hill.  For more information, you can watch weather cam with Kruppy & the measuring stick ( & click on webcams & Northwoods Cam Network-either click snowflake 3rd one up from beginning of Keweenaw or click Western UP & then Twin Lakes) and for daily measurement we have an official National Weather System set up here in Twin Lakes   and click on Snow Totals.

Just  a reminder that Superior Snowmobile Club now has a website and we hope you will check it out and pass on any suggestions.

We’d sure like for you to join our club at $25. per year. You’d be surprised how that $25. helps out with our expenses for fuel, maintenance and costly repairs.  Memberships can be obtained thru our new website,  or from Krupp’s Resort or Krupp’s Mini-Mart in Twin Lakes and Pat’s Yamaha/Polaris in Greenland.

Also, if you care about snowmobiling in Michigan, please consider joining Michigan Snowmobile Association.  This is the organization that speaks for our sport in Lansing and is also the organization that works for the clubs for the trails we are privileged to ride (both commercially owned and privately owned land).  Please contact them through their website:  This is the website that you are reading, as I type.


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