Rosco-Higgins Snowmobile Club Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Good To Excellent
  • Last Groomed: February 05th, 2017
  • Base: 4"
  • Past 24hr: 0"
  • Reported On: February 06th, 2017 @ 11:56am

Groomer Report


  2. Following is our regular grooming schedule. Weather and snow conditions permitting, we will groom our trail on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.   Also, as long as we have no equipment break downs.


Trail stop tomorrow has been cancelled due to warm up.  We have one planned for 1/28/17. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

We have out trail stops planned for both Saturdays during Tip Up Town, 1/21/17 and 1/28/17 at the 6-7 split.  We will have hot dogs and hot chocolate to give away starting around 11:00am.  Our grooming equipment will  be on site for everyone to see what keeps the trails smooth. kids, both young and old,  can  get in and sit in the seat and take pictures .  So stop by and get some dogs and hot chocolate and meet some of the guys who volunteer to maintain the trails for your enjoyment.  It’s always s good time!

2/6/17- Bob groomed trail Saturday night andreports trail is good, very good in some area’s, andicy in some corners   He also told me snow is in the forcast. Mid to upper 70’s in Parkee strip where I’m at. Just sayin😎

1/30/17- Jim just finished grooming the trail and reports trails are in very good shape.  We are grooming on our regular schedule, as posted above.


1/29/17-Bob groomed the trail yesterday and reports trail is in good to very good condition. He did say that corners are icy, so be careful on the corners.


1-28-17 – Trail stop is happening now at the 6-7 split. Jeff reports trails are in excellent shape, plenty of snow. Stop by to meet your groomers and have a hot dog and hot chocolate. We are resuming grooming operations this afternoon, and will continue as scheduled as long as conditions permit. Grooming schedule is posted above.

1/17/17- Doug groomed yesterday but it rained overnight turning the trails to slush.  Grooming is suspended until conditions improve.


1/15/17- Jeff groomed last night and reports trail is in great shape, also says our trail is getting heavy use.  Weatherman is predicting a warm up coming up this week with a chance of rain.  Lets hope he is wrong.

1/14/17- Brian groomed last night and reports trails are in great shape.  He said there has been many compliments on our trails condition.

1/12/17- I groomed last night.  Snow was wet and heavy.  Had to shovel out drag 3 times.  When I made it back to the 6-7 split, it was pouring rain so I went back to Charlies Corner. The trail is in good to excellent shape.

1/9/17- Doug groomed the trail today and reports lots of snow.

1/8/17- Jeff groomed last night and reports “trail is in excellent condition, groomed in whiteout conditions most of night.”

He did have a mechanical break on drag so did not groom the entire trail.  Did not groom from 6-7 split, south on trail 7 to the 104 staging area. The repairs should be completed tonight.

I rode most of trail today and was in good shape, just a little icey on some of the corners.

1/6/17  Jim is a little over half way grooming our trail.  He reports the trail was rough and needed grooming.  He said out on west end he was surprised on how thin the snow is, usually that end is where we have the most snow.  The high winds must’ve blew alot away.  Jim did say that there is adequate snow and trail is good.

1/3/17- Mondays  groom was called off due to the warm up.

1/1/17- Bob groomed last night, said “Fair to good conditions. Trail has alot of icy spots developing especially at the corners.”

We are seeing more and more atvs and side by sides using the trail in the winter.

Trail 482 (Charlie’s Country Corner to Grayling) – good

Trail 7 (Charlie’s south to Trail 6 and Trail 6/7 intersection aka “Split”) – good

Trail 6 – (‘Split’ west to Horseshoe Lake (marker 06-023) – good

Trail 6/7  – (‘Split’ south to South Higgins Staging Area) – good


We have 2 staging area’s on our trails.  Those are 1) “Stratford Staging” which is located at Moorestown  Rd and Oil Well Rd.  2) South Higgins Staging Area which is located just west off US27 at the South Higgins Lake exit, which is specifically located at Co. Rd. 104 and Deadstream Rd.  Both areas have DNR Outhouse facilities.

Poor Trail Complaint