Presque Isle Snow Trails Club Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Closed
  • Last Groomed: March 15th, 2017
  • Base: 0"
  • Past 24hr: 0"
  • Reported On: April 01st, 2017 @ 10:36am

Groomer Report

Well folks, guess snowmobiling season is officially over!! :(. Mother nature told us a while ago. Trails are officially closed on April 1. Only 8 more months til trails open again!! Have a great summer.

Because of warmer weather and lack of snow, think the snowmobile season is practically over in our area. You may find some snow in the woods, but that is where it will be, even though the calendar says we have 9 more days left in our season!!

Had a groomer go out Tues. (3-14) and yesterday (3-15) and said the trail are beautiful! Trucks and 4 wheelers made a mess on trails. He was able to smooth trails out. In fact he is going riding today. Beautiful spring riding!! He cleared 21 trees off trails. Be careful and watch out for trees that might have fallen since he was through. If you have to ride roads to get to the trails, they may be bare as well as any areas that are exposed to the sun for any length of time. If Riding the railroad grade, expect bare areas.

Boy, did we get snow!! The groomers were out yesterday (trail 99,and 990) and are out this morning. Finding water holes on trail-railroad grade from Millersburg N. to Mann (trail 9) and Dead Cow swamp (trail 99). Watch out for other areas as you ride. Elk Connector (trail 9 south) being groomed today.

Just when we thought all was lost, we have snow!! Don’t know yet just how much and where it fell, but all is white and still snowing as I write this. Just be careful, are having winds also, so may be limbs and possibly trees down. Please help volunteers by picking up the debris on the trail.!! Thanks

They are working on the bridge in Millersburg on trail 992 (railroad grade) and have put a road closed sign on S. Ocqueoc Rd., but the trail (9) is still open. Trail 9 goes to Elk Connector and south.

Railroad grade (trail 9 and 992) from Mann Rd. to Posen was groomed Wed. (2-15). This will be the last groom for our club until we get snow!!!! Warm temps. have certainly put an almost end to our season. Would think there may be snow (soft, sparse and slushy) in the woods, but getting there, if you have to ride roads or open areas will be muddy if not impossible.

The Millersburg bridge is being worked on, but probably won’t be open this season especially now that the snow is melting!

There is logging on trail 99 around Black Mt.area. Logging signs are out-be careful. Groomer found there is another area outside of Black Mt. that has logging. No signs, so be alert!

Be advised that the Rogers City spur and Black mountain may take longer to get in shape-we lost 2 groomer operators, so we are training new operators and it may take time so that they are comfortable in the groomers

A reminder that the Millersburg bridge is still not done and there is still a reroute. We have been assured that bids have been let and contractor selected, but now holdup is with sub-contractor. Hopefully they can get whatever resolved and get working on it. We sure are hoping they can get it replaced soon. Sure has been an inconvenience for all!!!!!

Another reminder, our club now has a website- hover over our club patch and you will go to our site or type in

GROOMER HAS RIGHT OF WAY!!!! There are still sledders out there that think a groomer should get off trail so they can pass!! Just look at the size of these rigs and know they can’t and remember, they are out there so that you can have good trails to ride on! Give them a THUMBS up when you pass!!!!!

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