North Country Snowmobile Club – Ontonagon Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Closed
  • Last Groomed: March 03rd, 2017
  • Base: 2"
  • Past 24hr: 0"
  • Reported On: March 15th, 2017 @ 2:20pm

Groomer Report

Snow is almost gone, without a minimum of 12 new inches our season at NCSC is over.  Groomers have not been out since the 3rd of March.  Trails are unridable.


Trail 1 Porcupine Mountains to Lake of the Clouds

Groomed 3-3-17,  GOOD 6” base.  

Trail 11 South Boundary Rd. to trail 102

Groomed 3/3/17, very good 18″ base.


Trail  1 White Pine to the base of the Porcupine Mountains

Groomed  3-3-17 Trail is bad around Silver City otherwise Fair, Randy is a magician!!

Ice bridges repaired but narrow, please use caution!

Trail 1/12 White Pine to 101

Groomed 3-3-17  The west end of Trail #12 along LP Walsh is deteriorating quickly, use extreme caution to Potato Farm Road.  Many thin spots!  May need to ride the snowbank along the shoulder on the north side of LP Walsh Road.  Trail is good to 101.

Trail 12 Ontonagon – 101

Groomed 3/2/17 Watch for water on trail!  Fair, snow is thin but trail is ridable 

Trail 101

Groomed 3-3-17  Trail is in very good condition 

Trail 12 – 137 Ontonagon to Rockland

Groomed 3-2-17 POOR, thin snow but ridable.  The trail is thin!

This is a new trail out of Ontonagon (137) known as the old Rail Road Grade that will connect with trail 13 in Rockland.

Trail 12 Ontonagon – Greenland

Groomed 3/3/17 Watch for water on the trail at the woodspur!  Otherwise thin with bare spots, I’d grade it as fair.

 Trail 13 – Trail 12 to Rockland

Groomed 3-3-17 trail is in good condition.

Watch for the groomers, they take up most of the trail and have the right of way! Pull over for them.



Below are photos from 2014 session.

lake of the clouds

Lake of the Clouds at the end of Trail 1 in the Porcupine Mountains State Park. Just a short walk from the trail, well worth the walk.




Trail #101 1/25/15

Trail #101 1/25/15

Poor Trail Complaint