Gogebic Range Trail Authority Trail Report

  • Trail Condition: Closed
  • Last Groomed: February 15th, 2017
  • Base: 18"
  • Past 24hr: 0"
  • Reported On: February 21st, 2017 @ 10:50am

Groomer Report

Tuesday 2/21


Overall Conditions:  Closed

Saw 0.5″ to 0.75″ of rain yesterday and last night.  Trails are bare, our base is gone.  There is very good wet system snow is forecast for Thursday-Saturday which will reopen our trails.  However, to protect our landowners, roads & our guests trails are closed for riding.

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Trail 2 from Hurley to Ramsay Crossing:

Overall rating:   Closed



Trail 2 from Ramsay Crossing to Wakefield:

Overall rating: Closed



Trail 2 from Wakefield to Marenisco:

Overall Rating:  Closed



Trail 8 from Bingo’s to Tula Crossing:

Overall Rating:  Closed



Trail 160 from Walmart to Montreal River (WI):

Overall Rating:  Bridge is complete!  Trail remains closed, we need your immediate help brushing and signing this trail!  We cannot groom it without DNR signing/brushing approval so it is a critical task to get this completed!  We need people during the week and the weekend!  Please contact us today (Facebook us!) so we can include you on the planning conversation (email).


Trail 11N (South Boundary Rd) / 11S (Winchester, WI):

Overall Rating: CLOSED for the season.  Seeking volunteers to help open the trails!

The club is actively seeking help to get the trail evaluated and prioritized for opening 11S next summer.  One of the areas most favorite trails was lost due to logging operations and an inability to reroute.  Then, the task of getting the trail back open was hindered by beaver flooding issues and a lack of labor.  We need volunteers to step up and help get this gorgeous trail open next season!



In Memory of Tyler Barker


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