Update from The MSA President

Snowmobiling — a Year-Round Sport for Those Who Work Behind the Scenes

September 2017 Greetings All — I’m hopeful that everyone had a fun and relaxing summer, with friends and family, and that this letter finds you all in good health. As summer is fading and Fall is slowly approaching, many of us are still enjoying camping, biking and hiking, ORVs, kayaking, fishing, and many other outdoor… Read more »

“Don’t Shoot the Messenger”

March 2017 My wife often wonders who I’m talking to, or shouting at when she is not in the room with me. This usually happens around the 6:00 pm hour as I’m watching the local news. I hardly ever raise my voice at my Golden Retriever, so when this ridiculous one way conversation occurs she… Read more »

Relax, the sky is not falling….yet.

January 17 Happy New Year MSA Members! It always amazes me how the journey of life can be so unpredictable! I am both humbled and excited to be serving as your next MSA president. My wife and I moved to Michigan from the Deep South nearly 18 years ago. I wouldn’t have ever imagined that… Read more »

The Art of People Watching-

December 2016 Greetings fellow MSA members! I was recently one of several that volunteered at our MSA booth at the 2016 Snowmobile Show & Sale held in Novi, MI November 4th-6th.  I want to especially thank Karen Middendorp from our staff for organizing our team and for the many others that also volunteered for those… Read more »

Volunteers sometimes pay a heavy price!

November 2106 From the President Elect   As I got more and more involved in MSA, I quickly learned that without the countless numbers of volunteers that always seem to step up to the plate, MSA would not and could not exist. There is no telling what our snowmobiling program would look like without this… Read more »

A Full Moon?

March 2016 When weird or crazy things used to happen on the farm, my dad always told me there must be a full moon tonight. The way this snowmobile season has gone, I must say there must have been a full moon since Dec. 1. First, there was no real snow until the second week… Read more »

Remembering the Past but Planning a Successful Future

January 2016 I’m Back … For those who do not know me, my name is Rick Brown. I’ve been involved with MSA since the late 1980s, and a lifetime member since 1991. I was Tom Meyers’ vice president, then served as your MSA president in 2004 and 2005. I have remained active in MSA and… Read more »

Remembering the Past But Planning a Successful Future

December 2015 It seems like yesterday; I was looking forward to starting my presidency of the Michigan Snowmobile Association (MSA). My how time flies. Little did I know what was in store for me or our organization? I know snowmobiling and can run a company for profit, but knowing how a non-profit volunteer organization operates… Read more »

Plan For Success on Your Next Snowmobile Ride

October 2015 As an organization, the Michigan Snowmobile Association (MSA) is built around safety — safe, responsible riding. As riders, when we plan trips, we need to plan them to be successful. We need to organize, communicate, and create a checklist. Of course a half-day trip or a one-day trip is easier to plan in… Read more »

Working Hard in Support of MSA and Organized Snowmobiling

September 2015 The business of organized snowmobiling never ends, and as we gear up for the 2015-16 snowmobile season, I want to first tell you a little bit about what your MSA has been doing all summer in support of snowmobiling. Your Executive Board and Board of Directors have worked hard this summer to continue… Read more »

An OK Year!

I would like to wish MSA Secretary Maryann Noah a speedy recovery.  Marryann recently underwent major surgery and is currently recovering from that procedure. I have talked to her daughter, Lisa, who told me she is doing well, but the road to recover will be long. I want to make sure we all keep Maryann… Read more »

MSA’s Dedicated Volunteers

One Special Volunteer I must start this column by paying tribute to one very special volunteer — our MSA vice president Al Green. Al passed away in November 2014. Al was involved in just about all aspects of organized snowmobiling. He was involved in everything from serving as an elected official to serving as a… Read more »