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A Look at Last Year’s Snowmobile Season!

September 2017 Last year the headline of this column read, “A Look at Last Year’s Dismal Season!” In terms of snow, this season was yet another dismal year. However, those who did ride purchased trail permits, helping to maintain funding for our Michigan Snowmobile Trail Improvement fund. About 130,366 trail permits were sold, which is… Read more »

MSA Continues to Meet With Legislators — Asking for Funding to Maintain Smooth Trails

March 2017 Since my last legislative report officials with the Michigan Snowmobile Association (MSA) met again with staff from Gov. Rick Snyder’s office and key state legislators. The purpose of these meetings was to continue to discuss issues regarding funding for the snowmobile program.  We again presented our snowmobile program and the need for additional… Read more »

Cost of Trail Permits and the Future of Michigan’s Snowmobile Program

January 2017 Why Did the Trail Permit Raise to $48 This Year? That question has been asked a thousand times since trail permits became available this fall. The Michigan Snowmobile Association (MSA) did not increase the permit, so let me tell you why trail permits went up! The existing state trail permit law was approved… Read more »

The Future of Trail 614 Forest Service Still Wants Snowmobilers off Forest Service Property and on Unplowed Roads

  December 16 Trail 614 in the Irons area will be closed this snowmobile season, but the future and possible reroute of a portion of that trail is still up for review. Again, trail 614 will be closed this season. It will not be groomed and signs have been taken down. Trail 614 is located in… Read more »

Snowmobiling’s Rate on Investment (ROI) to Tourism in Michigan

NOVEMBER 2016 Since my October legislative column I received many calls and emails regarding a trail permit fee increase. Most of those contacting me and other MSA officials say they would support an increase to $60, but that’s where they draw the line. Riders are telling us they understand the need for an increase, but… Read more »

Readers’ Questions Answered — Trail Permit Increase Necessary

  October 2016 I’m glad to see you’re reading your Michigan Snowmobile News and this Legislative Column. I know you are reading it because I received several calls about the Legislative Column that ran in the September issue. Avid riders have questioned why the numbers on the chart that appeared with the recap of last… Read more »

A Look at Last Year’s Dismal Season!

September 2016 There is no easy way to say it, last year was the worse snow season organized snowmobiling has had in Michigan in years. There wasn’t a lot of snow. Trail permit sales were down, and the number of snowmobile fatalities were up instead of down. Every year in the September issue of this… Read more »

Years in the Making — Our Permanent Snowmobile Trail Program Is Up and Running

January 2016 Half of Michigan’s snowmobile trails exist on private property, and use of these trails is at the sole discretion of the landowner. Trails are being lost and continually rerouted. That is why more than 14 years ago, the first discussions regarding establishing a permanent snowmobile trail program took place. Back in 2001 your… Read more »

Keep Asking Questions: Discussions Will Turn to Action!

December 2015 For all those people asking why should I do anything in support of MSA and the proposed Trail Permit funding legislation? Simply put,  if MSA doesn’t have the membership to sustain itself, and MSA fails, the state bureaucracy will take over the maintaining and grooming of your Michigan snowmobile trails. If that happens,… Read more »

Call to Action /////// Contact Your Legislator Now!

November 2015 MSA needs you! The future of your sport needs you! This is an official call to action on behalf of the future of organized snowmobiling in Michigan! After considerable discussion and calls to our state legislators, we are sad to report that we still can’t find a legislator to introduce our new Trail… Read more »

Ask Yourself — Just How Much Are You Willing to Pay for Smooth Trails?

October 2015 It’s a question, every snowmobiler in Michigan has to ask themselves — How much are you willing to pay for smooth snowmobile trails in Michigan? The cost of grooming equipment and maintenance continues to rise while funding for the Snowmobile Trail Improvement Program continues to remain the same, even decrease. The cost of… Read more »

Marginal Snow Year Leaves Money for New Equipment/Costs of Equipment Skyrocket

September 2015 Well, last snow season wasn’t the worst one in recent years, but it wasn’t the best, either. In November, it  looked like it was going to be a great season. The state got a lot of snow, and we were all hopeful for a great season to ride. However, with the exception of… Read more »