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Winners will be honored at the MSA Convention on Oct 9-11 at Mission Point Resort on Mackinaw Island!

More Convention details coming soon!  Make plans to attend!

Nomination deadline has been extended to June 30 2015.

Michigan Trails Legislative Day – Tuesday, April 28th

 Michigan’s policymakers are frequently unaware of the scenic quality and/or sheer number of trails that Michigan has to offer, and the tremendous benefits they  bring to the health and economy of our state.  As advocates we are continually trying to improve and grow Michigan’s trail systems, but we need to keep our state’s decisionmakers abreast of what we now have and our vision and needs for the future.   That is why we are inviting trail users and advocates from all types of trails to attend Michigan Trails Legislative Day on Tuesday, April 28th at the State Capitol from 8:30 to 3 p.m.  We will share the good news and needs of Michigan trails with legislators and staff, unite and network with the entire Michigan trails community, and learn the latest in trail policy issues and developments.

The morning’s activities will consist of a brief introduction followed by participant’s pre-scheduled appointments with state representatives.  A luncheon at noon will feature officials from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to update us on statewide trail happenings.  Meetings with state senators will happen in the afternoon until 3 p.m.  The event requires a $12 registration fee by April 3, 2015.  Register online

Michigan Trails Legislative Day Partners

 Michigan Trails Legislative Day was a GREAT Success!

Well over 100 trail enthusiasts came to Lansing on Tuesday April 28, 2015 for the day to visit. Trail users from Snowmobiling, ORV, Hiking, Biking, Equestrians, Water Sports, & Skiing came together to visit with our Representatives, Senators and staff to tell them the importance of Michigan Trails!
Topics of discussion for the day was;
• The importance of the Natural Resources Trust Fund to purchase lands for the public, for recreation and to make sure that the original purposes intended are kept intact. (The Natural Resources Trust Fund was constitutionally protected along with all the users’ funds in Prop 1 in 2004)
• Let them know that their continued support for development, recognition, and management of different trails is needed.
• Develop a process to fund a central data point to promote all trails through Pure Michigan using an open source data portal using a national format to ensure that all the trail information can be acquired by the users at any time.
• Support the implementation of the Michigan State Comprehensive Trails Plan and act on what may need supportive legislation for the 73 objectives to completed by the DNR for development and maintenance of the trail systems.
Thank you to the following that attended from the snowmobile community;
Ron Corbett, Rick Brown, Jim Dickie, Bill Lucas, Donna Cody, Dave Cuzzort, David Low, Bill Manson



DNR Reminds Snowmobilers of Sound Decibel Limits

(Press Release provided by MDNR)

MICHIGAN: Conservation officers with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources remind snowmobilers that state law does have decibel limits for snowmobiles. Noncompliance could damage Michigan’s nationally recognized trail program. Officers in the western Upper Peninsula have been working patrols targeting sound violations in response to numerous complaints from landowners and others who live near snowmobile trails.

Under Michigan law, the muffler on a snowmobile must be in good working order and when in constant operation noise emission cannot exceed the following levels:

  • For snowmobiles manufactured after July 1, 1977 and sold or offered for sale in Michigan, 78 decibels at 50 feet, as measured using the 2003 Society of Automotive Engineers standard J192.
  • For a stationary snowmobile manufactured after July 1, 1980 and sold or offered for sale in Michigan, 88 decibels at 50 feet, as measured using the 2004 Society of Automotive Engineers standard J2567.

The penalty for violating the sound levels for snowmobiles is a civil infraction, with fines up to $250.

This season, conservation officers on patrols in the western U.P. have issued tickets to numerous snowmobile operators whose sleds have well exceeded the 88-decibel limit, said the DNR’s Sgt. Ryan Aho.

“As a point of comparison, a train whistle at 500 feet is 90 decibels and sustained exposure at that level may result in hearing loss,” Aho said. “We encourage snowmobile operators to properly maintain their machines, and also discourage them from modifications that make sleds louder.”

Snowmobiles that do not comply with Michigan law for noise emission also can hurt the state’s trails program, said Ron Yesney, a recreation specialist with the DNR.

“Half of our snowmobile trails are on private lands and are there at the sole discretion of the landowner, and many pass through communities and very near to homes,” Yesney said. “Snowmobiles that exceed the noise emission levels are often a reason why we lose trail permissions on private land. Riders who modify their machines to make them extra loud jeopardize the enjoyment of our nationally recognized trails for all riders.”

For more information on snowmobiling in Michigan, including current laws and regulations, go to




The Michigan Snowmobile Association will once again help with fundraising for the Michigan Snowmobile Education & Advancement Fund (MSEAF).

They have a unique way to maybe win some money for you, and also help them fund their safety and awareness campaigns.

They will have a winner every day of $100 for the entire 2015 year.

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