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Consider This…

Over the past several years, the economic conditions all across our great nation has been experiencing a constant downturn and seems to be spinning out of control.

With the majority of well-paying jobs decreasing and those no longer employed on the rise, fundraising efforts have become equally difficult to permit continuation of many programs and projects that in the past most citizens took for granted.

Of major importance to those of us who enjoy motorized winter activities, specifically snowmobiling, the organizations responsible for development and maintenance of the pristine trails system we’ve come to expect, and have taken for granted will be there, has reached a critical condition. The organization that has, since it’s inception, taken on the responsibility for overseeing the snowmobile trails programs, is The Michigan Snowmobile Association (MSA). Recently, the question was asked, What if MSA didn’t exist? What then?

What if MSA didn’t exist?

For more than three decades, MSA has assumed the leadership role to promote and foster the necessary understanding within the state legislature and the various agencies whose responsibility is to initiate and regulate the snowmobile programs. It is the MSA that has accomplished the long range goals for grooming of the trails and for the periodic replacement of equipment necessary to achieve the grooming efforts.

It is the MSA that has exercised every conceivable effort to provide resident snowmobiling enthusiasts as well as visiting snowmobilers with the very best trails, the very safest trails, and the most popular trails in all the Midwestern states.

It is the MSA that makes annual trips to Washington, DC to ensure that the snowmobile programs implemented in Michigan receive a fair share of federal funding, and to make sure those elected to look after our best interests are doing their duties.

If MSA didn’t exist, chaos would! There would be no leadership to see to our interests and demands, no volunteers to labor long and hard to develop new trails or maintain those already available for our snowmobiling pleasure, and no voice to make sure that snowmobilers get a fair shake where access to public lands are at risk. Snowmobilers need the MSA, and should make every effort to support their state association! This most basic understanding of MSA poses another question….

What would happen if the MSA shut down tomorrow?

What a scary thought! Without the MSA snowmobilers would most likely lose all access to funding for the upkeep of the trails dedicated to exclusive snowmobile use, and as the trails deteriorated, use of them would be withdrawn. The social aspect of enthusiasts coming together to discuss and resolve issues of common interest would cease to happen, and eventually snowmobilers, and probably all motorized recreation as we know it would no longer be available to us. If MSA shut down tomorrow, the citizens of Michigan, both snowmobilers and those who benefit from snowmobilers, would suffer a great loss. We all need the MSA, and we all should be willing to support it both financially and through our membership!


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